Steve Sprague, Owner and Head Trainer

My first professional dog training gig was at the age of 12. I talked my neighbor into letting me train his dog at the price of $10 per trick. Because of that arrangement I was able to be the first kid on the block to have a Diskman. More significant then the money I earned, that summer taught me the hard lessons of patience, consistency, determination, but also the great joy of working with dogs. Since then I have been striving to improve my training skills and knowledge with family pets and working hunting dogs so I could hopefully one day master the art of dog training. After dozens of books, videos, seminars and trainers I thought I was a pretty darn good trainer.

Then that false confidence was shattered when I witnessed my first Sit Means Sit trainer in action. What he was able to do with a dog in such a short time blew my mind. For the next few years I studied the system and methods of turning any dog into a happy, reliable, dependable friend. Eventually I came to the conclusion I had to become a certified Sit Means Sit dog trainer. Now that I having been taught by the best dog trainers at Sit Means Sit and gone through their intensive academy I am bringing the proven knowledge and skills from Americas largest dog training business to the Tri-Cities of Washington State.