Calm Your Dog’s Aggression and Other Behavioral Issues

Dog behavior training classes in Kennewick, WA and the Tri-Cities

Has your dog been acting out recently? Are they barking, howling or whining at frustrating times? With our behavior training classes, your pup will go from a mean mutt to a classy canine!

Sit Means Sit will address the issue!

Whether it’s been a problem for a while or for the past couple weeks, our trainers will find a way to get their issue under control. Sit Means Sit can assist with any of the following behavioral problems:

• Jumping on people and objects
• Leash pulling
• Barking and biting
• Fearfulness and anxiety
• Destructive behaviors

No more biting your shoes. No more barking when the neighbor rings the doorbell. Soon, you’ll get to bring your puppy to the park without any problems. You can invite your friends over without putting your dog in the cage. Your four-legged friend will be a friend to all! Get in touch with Sits Means Sit and have a puppy that isn’t a party pooper!