Transform Your Dog’s Behavior Today

Transform Your Dog’s Behavior Today

Comprehensive dog training services in Tri-City, WA

If you’re in need of professional assistance training your puppy or dog, you’ve come to the right place. Sit Means Sit Tri-Cities WA Dog Training is one of the largest and fastest growing US-based dog training companies. We are nationally certified and are dedicated to the relationships we build with our clients and their dogs. When it comes to turning puppies and dogs into a well-behaved “man’s best friends,” we are the experts.

Count on us for the following services:

1) Back to basics Private lessons: This is all about getting your puppy on track to being the best family dog they can be. The also encompasses the older rescue dog that isn't listening as well as it should.

2) Advanced private lessons: In-home on your schedule we help you every step of the way from the pure basics to the OFF-LEASH reliability. We will also tackle any of your behavioral issues with our attention based reward driven training system.

3) Day train advanced lessons: These packages are an awesome hybrid of our most intensive immersion program and the private lessons. This model is designed for the family and dog that doesn't have as much time as needed or is a bit more challenging of a dog. This type of training still has family involvement every step of the way in their dogs transition.

4) More Challenging issues or time constraints: After your dogs time with Sit Means Sit, Tri-Cities, we follow up with transfer of leadership classes to make sure your dog listens to you as well as the trainer. All our advanced programs come with at least a year of unlimited group classes.

5) Group lessons: Sit Means Sit is about happy free dogs that can live life to the fullest but also be safe and obedient when needed. Our group classes take the skills your dog has learned and puts them to the ultimate test, so that you can take your dog anywhere and be confident stress free and amaze your friends!