Teach Your Dog to Be a Good Boy

Dog obedience training in Kennewick, WA and the Tri-Cities

Does your dog fail to listen to you at home? Are you afraid to bring your pooch out in public? Sit Means Sit can make it so that living with your dog is a joy instead of a challenge. With our dog obedience training, your pup will learn a number of different commands to help them abide by your desires.

Your family and your dog can get along

Sit Means Sit will teach your pooch basic obedience commands from “sit” and “stay” to “lay down” and “go fetch!” With these commands, you can curtail your canine in any setting and in any situation. You’ll finally be able to have your dog:

• Sit
• Place
• Off
• Leave it
• Come

Our trainers have years of experience working with all kinds of dogs. From new small pooches to large adult hounds, Sit Means Sit will work with any dog that needs to learn these helpful commands. Get in touch with Sit Means Sit today and get your four-legged friend started on our obedience course.