When I started training my dog created chaos whenever someone, friend or stranger, came to the door. Our walks consisted of her dragging me along and reacting to every dog we encountered. She now greets people calmly, walks by my side on a loose leash and will only greet another dog when given permission. She recently earned her Good Canine Citizenship certificate.

SIT means Sit is an excellent training program and Steve is an excellent trainer, providing encouragement and support to the dog owners, keeping us motivated when we our dogs are stubborn and we seeming hit a brick wall.

If you want to improve your dog's behavior and your relationship with your dog give Steve a call.

Keri M.

Steve at Sit Means Sit Tri-Cities, WA is truly the best of the best! He makes training easy and fun! If you want your dog truly trained well, give them a try. You won't be sorry!

Dan H.

Our Labradoodle , Mikey, was so hyper and out of control until we met Steve, with Sit Means Sit. Mikey has been transformed into a different dog since the training with Steve. We would highly recommend giving him a call if you need dog training. He is the best and we are so happy to have a well mannered dog. Mikey still needs some work, but we have the knowledge on how to work with him positively. Steve is the best and we are so glad we found him. Thanks for all you have done for us and Mikey!

Marsha L.

wow...just wow! Great trainers. Sit Means Sit helped me so much with my dogs. Thank you

Eli V.

Steve has been fantastic and our Dog is a different Dog thanks to Steve and Sit means Sit

Brian L.

My dog and I have learned so much during our Sit Means Sit training. She has calmed down and learned to focus on me and I've learned how to teach her commands using positive reinforcement methods. I am able to take her into public now without fear of her unruly behavior ruining our outings or getting either of us hurt. Sit Means Sit training has allowed me to enjoy my dog again. Thank you Steve!

Denise F.

Before Sit Means Sit, we couldn't take our dog to the river, a park, almost anywhere! We became so frustrated and actually quit going places with her because she would chase the wildlife. Now, she listens and even when she is not on leash, we know she will come when called. We still have some work to do, but now we have the tools we need and our dog will be safe. Call Steve today! You won't regret it!

Julie B.

Steve is my favorite dog trainer, I was going crazy dealing with my family's unruly super "cute" little dog. Darned if after his training I am a proud owner of a purse dog!

Jared J.